The project Macedonia
Aerec for the internalization of business
Conference of Sofia: proceedings of the conference
  Scenario of the global competition
  India at the centre of the international scenario, a valuable opportunity for Italian entrepreneurs
  The media communication between the right to report news and moral responsibility
  The common agricultural policy and food safety. Practical aspects of production, exchange and consumption of products and food stuffs within the common market


The Committee for International Affairs of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations was constituted with the purpose to intensify mediation between its members and the international productive world. The close network of relations embarked on so far in addition to those programmed for the next months, will allow AEREC to meet the most different exigencies of its members in the most various sectors and countries. This initiative has the objective to contribute significantly to the development, enhancement and internationalisation of small and medium enterprises while meeting with one of the most important institutional purposes of AEREC. Its key purpose is to promote international trade, joint-ventures and partnerships guaranteeing advice, technical assistance and know-how.


1. “The small and medium enterprises in the European Union” (Rome, Palazzo Valentini, 5.06.1999
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
• Sen. Cosimo Ventucci, Undersecretary of State at the Ministry for Parliamentary Affairs
• Mons. Vittorino Canciani, Apostolic Protonotary and Vatican Canonico
• Prof. Dante Manfredi, Honorary President of AEREC and President of the Association for the Fight against Cancer
• Dr. Antonio Ferrara, President of Italfer
• Dr. Federico Casetta, President of the Regional Confederation of Piemont Artisans
• Dr. Antonio Capone economy and finance expert

The conference analysed the different professional and entrepreneurial realities in our country confirming the role of the Handicraft and the small concerns as decisive elements for the development and solidity of the National economy.

2. “The geographic, political and economic characteristics of Macedonia” (Rome, Congress Hall, Hotel Nova Domus, 9.12.2001)
• Illustration of Dr. Giancarlo Simonetti, President of the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce

This seminar, during which detailed information and data were furnished, deepened the knowledge of a country of recent constitution which, on account of its strategic position between West and East, has an important role from the geopolitical point of view.

3. “AEREC for the Internationalisation of business and the development of International Cooperation (Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Marini Palace, 27.06.2003)
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of ENVA
• Arch. Vincenzo Valenti, Vice-President of ISPRI
• Eng. Francesco Bruno, Vice-President of AT Kearney SpA
• Prof. Stefano M. Masullo, President of Opus Consulting and director of “Libera Università di Diritto Internazionale ISFOA”
• Dr. Luciano Rotondi, ex advisor of the European Investment Bank, strategic adviser of Artigiancassa
• S.E. Hamoud Ould Ely, Ambassador of Mauritania in Italy
• S.E. Moktar Reguieg, Ambassador of Algeria in Italy
• S.E. Yahya Abdullah Salim Al-Araimi, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Italy
• S.E. Zady Richard Gbaka, Ambassador of the Ivory Coast in Italy
• S.E. Michael Tabong Kima, Ambassador of Cameroon in Italy
• Dr. Luigi Combetto, President of Martini & Rossi
• Hon. Pier Luigi Polverari, President of Apreite in Tunisi (promotion of the co-operation between the Italian system and the Tunisina market and economy)
• Dr. Roberto Tassinari,

The conference with the participation of five Ambassadors of the Mediterranean area identified the propects and proposals of the International co-operation in terms of the aspects concerning business, finance and institutions.

4. “Europe and the United States, united for the progress” (New York, Italian Cultural Institute, 27.10.2003)
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of ENVA
• Dr. Bartolomucci, Commercial executive of the Italian Permanent Mission at UNO
• Dr. Roberto Luongo, Director of the Institute for Foreign Trade
• Dr. Melita Palestini, Vice Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York

The different papers highlighted the importance of the binomio commerce-culture which permitted the Italian business, in particolar the sectors of fashion, forniture, oenology, gastronomy and motoring, to reach important market targets in the United States and in the world.

5. “Conference on the economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in Oman” (Rome, Congress Hall, Hotel Mövenpick, 2.04.04)
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President
• Arch. Vincenzo Valenti, Vice-President of ISPRI
• H.E. Yahya Abdullah Salim Al-Araimi, Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman in Italy
• Ambassador Mario Scialoja, Director of the World Islamic Union at the Italian Islamic Cultural Center
• Sceicco ‘Abd al Wahid Pallavicini, President of the Italian Islamic Community
• Ambassador Riccardo Sessa, Director General for the Mediterranean and Middle East countries at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Further speakers:
• Prof. Paolo Costa, lecturer of the Preservation of the Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna
• Dr. Carlo Costa, Executive of the Foreign Sector of the UBAE Arab Italian Bank

The centre of the conference was the Sultanate of Oman and the important economic and entrepreneurial opportunities offered to the International investors. The numerous and very qualified speeches illustrated the political and financial system of this Arab country emphasizing the important easy terms provided for the foreign concerns which are interested to create joint-ventures with local companies in order to develop common initiatives.

6. “Mission in the Ivory Coast and Cameroon” (Abidjan, Yaounde, 29.04-7.05.04)
Meeting with the leading representatives of the government in order to develop entrepreneurial projects and actions for our members.

This mission allowed to learn about the operativeness of the governmental organisms, official interlocutors for local and foreign investors, obtaining information about the present regulations concerning import and export. On every occasion we met great interest and willingness to collaborate with the Committee for International Affairs for common projects.

7. “Conference on the economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in India” (Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Marini Palace, 2.07. 2004)
With the Patronage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry for Productive Activities
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President
• Arch. Vincenzo Valenti, Vice-President of ISPRI
• H.E. Himachal Som, Ambassador of India in Italy
• Dr. Mario Palma, Embassy Consellour, Director of office 1 (South Asia) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• MinisterGurjit Singh, Vice Ambassador
• Dr. Sergio Rodda, Vice President of Confapi e President of API, Torino
• Dr. Giancarlo Cennini, Director General of Faber-Flaminia SpA
• Dr. Adriano Doriguzzi, President of Melian Italia SpA

This conference highlighted the deep interest of India to meet with the entrepreneurial initiatives of Italy, emphasizing that the Indian economic system is based on the Western model. The stability of the government and above all the constant economic growth make India the second country in the world which attracts foreign investments offering the operators guaranties of reliability.

8. “Conference on the aspects of International Economy and economic opportunities in India” (Brescia, Salvadego Palace, 18.02.2005)
• Dr. Francesco Naviglio, President of the District of Brescia
• Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
• Law. Flaminio Valseriati
• Minister Gurjit Singh, Vice Ambassador
• Prof. Carlo Pelando

The conference focused on the necessity for Italian business to internationalise, highlighted the consequences of globalization and presented the economic opportunities in the various sectors in India.

9. Conference on the “Ethic aspects in economy”
     Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Sala del Cenacolo, 29.04.2005

This conference highlighted how ethic economy and social and environmental responsibility today are extremely important in business. Moreover, right to privacy regulated by the law 675/1996 substituted by a new legislative decree 196/2003, the relation between banks and consumers as well as the International certification standards (SA 8000) were discussed.


  • Prof. Francesco Petrino, University Professor of Bank Law, Director of the Department for Monetary Sovranità at the University Uniglobus of Siena and President of SNARP, Center of Law Studies
  • Dr. Massimiliano Magni, project manager of TC Sistema Servizi SpA
  • Dr Rossella Ravagli, responsible for ethic schemes of BVQI Italy
  • Eng. Giacinto Cavalieri, CEO Sitt SpA


10. Conference on  “Internationalisation and Initiative”
Rome, Chamber of Deputies, Marini Palace, 8.07. 2005

The key arguments dealt were the role of Italy, its potentiality, capacity, competitiveness and the image of the “made in Italy” in the world; the criteria in the selection of the market in which to invest, the  aspects of the new competitors, such as India and China,  and the advantages of joint-ventures with foreign partners. In addition, the economic opportunities in Egypt were presented.


  • Minister Abou Bakr Hefny Mahmoud, Vice Ambassador of Egypt to Italy
  • Dr. Jean Marc Franceschetti, President of BVQI
  • Dr. Laura Gucci Frati, President of PIRENE Srl
  • Prof. Francesco Petrino,  University Professor of Bank Law, Director of the Department for Monetary Sovranità at the University Uniglobus of Siena and President of SNARP, Center of Law Studies
  • Arch. Vincenzo Valenti, Vice President ISPRI
  • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of ENVA


11. Mission in  India
         New Delhi, India, 20.11-23.11.05

Meeting with the leading representatives of the economic societies, participation in an International conference organised by the Commonwealth and visit to the India International Trade Fair.
This mission allowed to deepen the knowledge of the concrete economic and investment opportunities in India presented during the conferences in Italy, the legal aspects and present regulations concerning import and export and to identify local partners and interlocutors, such as business associations and trade commissions to develop common projects and matchmaking activities.

  • Meeting with the President and with the Board of NSIC – National Small Industries Corporation
  • Individual meetings with Indian companies organised previously according to the specific interests of the Italian concerns
  • Participation in the “Commonwealth-India Small Business Competitiveness Development Programme”, relating on the experience of Italian business in the world
  • Visit to the India International Trade Fair and  Techmart
  • Meeting with the Italian Trade Commission and the responsible of the commercial section of the Italian Embassy in India
  • Meeting with the Italian Ambassador
  • Meeting with two different associate law firms for legal advice on the local regulations
  • Meeting with the President of a Indian business promotion corporation


12. Conference on “New paradigms in cancer research, prevention and      therapy”, Rome, Casina Valadier Palace, 16.12.2005

During this conference the distinguished scientists expounded the main causes of cancer, the latest research acquis in Europe and in the United States, prevention methods and the various methodologies of therapy. The correlation between genetic problems, air pollution, stress and emotional bothers as well as alimentary disorders were discussed and the new results of genetic manipulation presented.


  • Prof. Giulio Tarro, eminent researcher and virologist, President of the  “Teresa e Luigi De Beaumont Monelli Foundation”, for cancer research
  • Prof. Antonio Giordano, researcher and Director of the “Sbarro Institute For Cancer Research”, Philadelphia
  • Prof. Enrico Guarino, Cancer Surgeon, President of the Italian Association Digestive Organs Cancer 
  • Dr. Daniela Rosati, journalist RAI, host of a telecast on Health issues
  • Prof. Carlo Gargiulo, general practitioner, conductor of a TV telecast on Health issues


13.Conference on “Practical aspects of the implementation and enforcement of safety standards and measures related to consumption of products and food stuffs: towards a better implementation of European Union acquis in the EU candidate countries”
Hilton Hotel, Sofia, Bulgaria, 22nd-23rd May 2006

This International conference was organised by ENVA-AEREC with the
     co-financing of the European Commission under the Call for Proposals 2005 Small Projects Programme: Small Project Facility (budget line 22.02.06), Commission Reference number PHARE/2005/107-521.

      This conference, with more than 100 participants From Bulgaria, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy and Belgium, contributed to the improvement of the awareness of Bulgarian and Romanian local authorities and entrepreneurs in the enlargement process in particular about certain chapters of the Accession Negotiations, such as free movement of good, agriculture, fisheries and consumers protection. It was meant to show how similar target groups inside the EU have dealt with the necessity to implement and enforce safety standards and measures related to consumption of products and food stuff. Furthermore, models for exchange of experience, know-how and the implementation of best EU practices were introduced.
Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of ENVA-AEREC
Hon. Nihat Kabil, Minister for Agriculture and Forestry
H.E. Giovan Battista Campagnola, Ambassador of Italy in Bulgaria
H.E. Rosianu Mihail, Ambassador of Romania in Bulgaria
Prof. Stefano Cinotti, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Bologna, and Member of the Health Governing Council
Law. Victoria Villamar, Policy Officer, Stakeholder Relations International & Institutional Relations, EFSA, European Food Safety Authority
Dr. Nicola Lucifero, Researcher at the University of Siena, CNR I.D.A.I.C. Florence
Mr Kostadin Goygadjiev, Director, Food Control and Food Safety Department in the  Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bulgaria
Dr. Ioana Nedelcu, Senior Advisor at the National Sanitary and Food Safety Authority,  Romania 
Law. Milena Vicenová, Director Food Safety, Environment Development and                    Pollution Prevention Department, Ministry of Agriculture - Food Authority, Czech Republic


14. Conference on Media communication between right to report and   moral responsibility
Chamber of Deputies, Sala delle Colonne, 23.06.06

The various papers emphasized the decadence of the way of expression in certain television and newspaper reports and the macabre way to report crimes and misdeeds. Trials and scandals are at the centre of interest while positive and constructive information or realistic reports on basic issues of humanity are neglected. Children and youngsters are the principal victims and influenced negatively by such a way of communication. The intention seems to be to offer more and more to the public, to raise the daily consumerism, to increase the interest of the public in the development of certain scandals, instead of offering correct and objective information as well as correct alternative information.

The speakers were:

  • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of ENVA-AEREC, journalist and editor
  • Prof. Francesco Petrino,  University Professor of Judicial Communication at the State University “La Sapienza”, and President of SNARP, Centre of Law Studies
  • Hon. Giancarlo Innocenzi, Commissioner of the Authority for the Guarantee of Communication, former Undersecretary of State of the Ministry for Communication
  • Prof. Guido Crapanzano, Journalist and University Professor in Science of Communication
  • Dr. Andrea Pezzi, Journalist, author and host (RAI TV)
  • Mgr. Vittorio Formenti, Secretariat of the Vatican State


15.“The Sea … not only passion but also respect and        responsibility”, Chamber of Deputies, Sala delle Colonne,
1st June 2007

Oceans constitute 75 % of the earth’s surface and produce 80% of our oxygen. The Mediterranean sea represents only 0,7% of surface but also and however 30 % of the global shipping transportation. Sea is an economic and tourist resource, it is a common wealth. It is necessary to promote biodiversity and raise awareness of the importance of environmental respect and non-pollution.

Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
Dr. Patrizia Marin, President of Aqqa
Dr. Rosalba Giugni, President of Mare Vivo
On. Sandra Ciuffi, President of the interparliamentary group “Friends of the Sea”
Dr. Antonio Bruzzone, Commercial Director of the International Fair of Rome
Dr. Giuseppe Mattiazzo, Director General of “Festival del Mare di Venezia”
Dr. Patrizia Lupi, Representative of Wista (Women International Shipping and Trading Association)
Dr. Guido Beltrami, CEO of Tecno-Reef
On. Giuseppe Galati, Presidente of the Foundation “I Sud del Mondo”

16.“The Common Agricultural Policy and food safety”
Great Hall of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, 18-19 October 2007

The Common Agricultural Policy and Food Safety. Practical aspects of production, exchange and consumption of products and food stuffs within the common market with the financial assistance of the European Union. The agricultural chapter covers a large number of binding rules, many of which are directly applicable. This includes the setting up of management systems such as paying agencies and the Integrated Administration and Control system, as well as the capacity to implement rural development actions.


  • Dr. Teresa Babuscio, University “La Tuscia” of Viterbo, Italy
  • Dr. Svetla Chamova, Director of the association of meat producers, Bulgaria
  • Dr. Virgil Eftimie, Director of the Direction of Veterinary Hygiene and Health –  Authority for Veterinary Health and Food Safety, Romania
  • Dr. Avv. Nicola Lucifero, University of Siena, Italy
  • Dr. Maya Makaveeva, Director of the Department for safety and control of raw material and food stuff of animal origin of the Ministry of Agriculture and food policies, Bulgaria
  • Eng. Giuseppe Marino, University “La Tuscia” of Viterbo, Italy
  • Dr. Teodor Mihalcea, Director General of the department of implementation of agricultural policies, Ministry of Agricolture, Romania
  • Dr. Georgi Nedyalkov, Director of the Department of milk quotas and national resources, Ministry of Agriculture, Bulgaria
  • Prof. Grigore Onaciu, University of agricultural sciences and veterinary medicine of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Prof. Maria Pia Ragionieri, University “La Tuscia” of Viterbo, Italy
  • On. Milena Vicenova, Ambassador of the Czech Republic to the European Commission and Director of the Department for negotiations on structural fonds EU.


17.“The protagonists of “Made in Italy” confront: which is the formula for the challenge of globalisation?”
Great Hall of the University of Arts and Science, Venice, June 21, 2008

The products made in Italy are famous all over the world. They include the famous 3 Fs: that is to say Food, Fashion and Furnishing well introduced in any country of the world. Italy at present is experiencing a deep economic crisis as many other European countries, but the Italian spirit - creative, innovative, reactive - the continuous research, style, elegance and high quality of the products allow to expand anywhere. Certainly the Italian enterprises should be more dynamic and should follow the  logic of the International market.


  • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
  • Dr. Caterina La Torre, President for the Friuli Region of AIDDA ( Women Entrepreneurs and CEO Association)
  • Dr. Mara Borriero,  entrepreneur and President for the Veneto Region of Aidda
  • Dr. Piergiacomo Ferrari, CEO of the Fair of Milan, Director of EXPO Venice, and President of the Association Fairs of Italy
  • Dr. Mauro Pizzigati, President of the Casinò of Venice
  • Dr. Maria Luisa Bano Roncato, CEO of Roncato Ciak
  • Dr. Enrico Moretti Polegato, Vice President of GEOX
  • Dr. Fabio Rossello, CEO of Paglieri Profumi
  • Dr.  Paolo Zambonardi, President and Director General of Merz Italy
  • Mgr. Vittorio Formenti, Secretariat of the Vatican State
  • Prof. Ferdinando Meacci, Prof. in Political Economy and Rector of the Master course in International commerce at the University of Padova


18. “The light of the Eastern Countries: new frontiers beyond the      tunnel of crisis. Investment opportunities in MOLDOVA and          ROMANIA”
         Chamber of Deputies, Palazzo Marini, Rome, December 5, 2008
The various papers analysed the economic and entrepreneurial opportunities in these countries, such as energy, building, communication, infrastructures. Some case studies of Italian enterprises already operating there were given.


  • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of Aerec
  •  On. Giuseppe Galati, Deputy and Member of the Parliamentary Commission for Productive Activities and of the Italian Delegation to the European Council and UEO
  • Dr. Stefano Mercuri, President of the Association of Italian entrepreneurs in Moldova
  • Dr. Remo Facchinello, Member of the Trade Union Body of Veneto Bank
  • Dr. Davide Bernardini, entrepreneur, candidate to be honorary consul of Moldova in Milan
  • Dr. Neculai Ontanu, Mayor of Bucarest, Sector 2
  • Dr. Corneliu Dinu, Minister and Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy of Romania in Italy
  • Dr. Daniel Rekitar, President of DGL Land Holding Group
  • H.E. Gheorghe Rusnac, Ambassador of Moldova to Italy
  • Mgr. Vittorio Formenti, Secretariat of the Vatican State

19.  Conference on “Immigration and Integration”
                  Chamber of Deputies, Sala delle Colonne, 12th June 2009

The arguments of the conference focused on harmonization of the      different cultures in our age of globalisation not only with regard to Romania but also to all those countries which register an enormous flow of emigration to Italy, or in other words mobilisation within the European Union.


  • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
  • H.E. Ion Iliescu, President Emeritus of the Republic of Romania
  • H.E. Rasu Razvan, Ambassador of Romania to Italy
  • On. Giuseppe Galati, President of the Foundation “I Sud del Mondo”
  • Dr. Serena Pizzo, Head Office of the Undersecretary of State Stefano Saglia, Ministry for Economic Development
  • Dr. Ramona Badescu, Delegate of the Mayor of Rome
  • Dr. Francesco Scandale, Marketing and Communication Director of the telematic University “Uninettuno”
  • Dr. Emiliano D’Andrea, CEO of “Countries online”
  • Dr. Paolo Morozzo della Rocca, spokesman of “Comunità di S. Egidio”
  • Dr. Pietro Zocconali, President of the Association of Sociologists
  • Dr. Amedeo Gentile, Responsible of the immigration policies of the Commune of Rome

20. In May and July 2009, were also held two work-shops on the  economic opportunities and the development of economic competitiveness in Romania with the participation of On.Maria Paralabescu, Secretary of State of the Ministry for SMEs in Romania and On. Adrian Nastase, President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Republic of Romania.

21. Conference and workshop on the economic, scientific and cultural opportunities in Moldova
Palazzo Ferraioli, Rome, May 25, 2010
With the extraordinary participation of H.E. Mihai Ghimpu, President of the Parliament of Moldova and President ad interim of the Republic of Moldova

22. Conference “The end of crisis between announcements and reality”, Chamber of Deputies, Sala delle Colonne, June 11, 2010

The conference focused on the present economic situation in Europe and in the world. Renowned politicians, economists and entrepreneurs expressed their opinion and previsions.


    • Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of AEREC
    • H.E. Ion Iliescu, President Emeritus of the Republic of Romania
    • H.E. Gheorge Rusnac, Ambassador of Moldova to Italy
    • On. Sen. Mario Baccini
    • On. Giuseppe Galati
    • Prof. Francesco Petrino, President of Snarp
    • Dr. Mario Sepi, President of the European Economic and Social Committee
    • Dr. Donatello Scarpa, entrepreneur and Vice President AUUN

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