Academic Convocations

Grand Hotel Principi di Piemonte, Turin - 18 December 1999

A joyful Turin, lighted by the decorations of Christmas, was the meeting venue for the members of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations on December 18, 1999.

The National Counselor and Representative for the Piedmont Region, Dr. Giuseppe Graziano, took the initiative to organize a ceremony in the town of Piedmont, the splendid success of which is contributed to his meticulous organization of the event.  The Grand Hotel Principi di Piemonte, one of the best organized and comfortable facilities of the town, was the host of this memorable ceremony at which some of the most distinguished representatives of the professional, entrepreneurial, political and ecclesiastical societies participated, all sharing the same wish to contribute to the humanitarian causes of the Academy.

On this occasion, not only had AEREC’s highest authorities arrived from Rome: Honorary President Professor Dante Manfredi, President Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri and Vice President Dr. Carmen Seidel; but also the representative for the Lombardy Region, Dr. Antonio Capone, the representative for the Region of Sardinia, Dr. Vincenzina Basciu, as well as other renowned persons already bound to the Academy.  Their presence, accompanied by the high-profile Honorary Committee, highly qualified the event.  The appointments of the new Academics was sealed in front of Dr. Sergio Deorsola, President of the Regional Council, MP Dr. Sergio Ghigo, President of the Regional Committee, Professor Emilia Bergoglio-Cordaro, President of the Order of St. Maurice, Monsignor Sergio Peradotto, Vicar General, Dr. Luigi Bellusci, businessman and Vice President of the Italian Manufacturers’ Association, Dr. Francesco Saluzzo, Head of the Preliminary Investigation Magistrates, Dr. Umberto D’Ottavio, Mayor of Collegno and Monsignor Renato Giovanardi, Apostolic Prothonotary and Canon of the Roman Pantheon.

The President of AEREC, Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, presented the guests and welcomed all of those present and proceeded to briefly sum up the spirit of an AEREC member who binds himself to the support of humanitarian causes, originating from a sincere love for his fellow man and an opposition to the spreading declination of values.

Prof. Dante Manfredi, whose presence in Turin was warmly welcomed by the old as well as new Academics, was the first of the Presidency to speak.  He briefly presented the activities of the Academy emphasizing the professional merits, but more importantly, the human and social merits of those who join the Academy.

Speaking after him, PM Enzo Ghigo, President of the Regional Committee of Piedmont, mentioned in his speech the significant leadership of the city of Turin in the social and voluntary fields.  The entrepreneur and Vice President of the Italian Manufacturers’ Association, Dr. Luigi Bellusci related his personal experiences in contact with the hard realities present in South America and South Africa.

The Vicar General Monsignor Sergio Peradotto delivered the best of regards on behalf of the Archbishop and emphasized the possibility for the growth of humanity with a different sensibility and ideology that must always put the individual and his necessities at the center of everything.

Prof. Emilia Bergoglio-Cordaro, President of the Order of St. Maurice hoped that the Academics’ commitment to the community would be not only in herald of personal satisfaction but also a utility for the others.

Dr. Francesco Saluzzo, Head of the Preliminary Investigation Magistrates, praised the spirit of the Academy and its ability to combine solidarity and assistance with an increased value of individual experiences rewarded by the achievement of one’s goals.

After the speech of Dr. Saluzzo, the appointment of the new Academics took place followed by the reading of their biographic profiles.  At the end of the ceremony, some of the Academics who had particularly distinguished themselves in the past years were awarded “The International Oscar of Industriousness” from ENVA, the National Body for the Development of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft.

After the ceremony, all of those present proceeded to the stateroom for the gala dinner where the musicians of the Turin Conservatory awaited them.  These musicians, young students of great talent, gave a free performance embracing the spirit of the event and joining in the spirit of their colleagues, The St. Cecilia Conservatory of Rome who performed at last year’s ceremony in Rome.

After dinner, President Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri spoke to emphasize the highly selective criteria of the Academy on which admission is based.  He also recollected the suffering of the millions of starving people worldwide.  The thoughtful support of the Academics is with them which is being realized in part through the construction of a village in an African village which shall be a reference point for those families and children that are particularly stricken with famine and disease.

Before passing the floor to the Delegate for Piedmont and National Counselor, Dr. Guiseppe Graziano, the President thanked him and the Academic Guiseppe Cozza for having perfectly organized this special event.

The President of the Regional Council, Dr. Sergio Deorsola, described the Academy as “a positive find because nowadays and further more in the next years when we will compete economically and commercially more and more with the other countries, solidarity such as this will have an increased value”.

The last two speeches where made by two renowned and luminary protagonists in the field of medicine, distinguished representatives of the national and Piedmont scientific circles, Prof. Gianclaudio Fossati and Prof. Guiseppe Cozza. 

Prof. Fossati, first of all, thanked Dr. Graziano for having presented his candidature to the Academy and for having backed him so strongly.  The renowned surgeon then recollected how, through the friendship of Giuseppe Graziano, he became in contact with, several years ago, other people with whom he shared a similar vocation for commitment and solidarity such as this.  He then founded with them a kind of virtual Academy that is merged today with an important international organization.

Prof. Cozza started with his declaration a love for his city, this year’s venue for the AEREC ceremony.  “Turin is an incredible city that has molded men of every level and that has transmitted exceptional values to the whole world.  Here in Turin, the wish to do good has strongly taken root.  As an example for everyone, this evening, present here with us is Prof. Emilia Bergoglio-Cordaro, President of the Order of St. Maurice.  Descending directly from this Order is the Cancer Cardiologist Center which is one of the most innovative and valuable structures in the Italian hospital network”.

The Turin ceremony, having been called by the European Academy for Economic Relations, could not have ended with better auspices.  The widespread sentiment, amidst the Christmas greetings and wishes, was that, through organized efforts, there really is ground to realize the ambitious projects of the Academy.

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