Academic Convocations

Rome, Brancaccio Palace, May 27th, 2002

During its frequent activities abroad, the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations met with important Italian economic and commercial realities in many countries noticing the exceptional effort of our Italian countrymen. This work turns into a very significant contribution to the economic life of their host country in which they are perfectly integrated without renouncing the pride and the belonging to their home country. This pride is even more strengthened today due to the entry of Italy into the European Common Market.

These experiences gave rise to the project to show appreciation for the success achieved outside of Italy by our countrymen and to honour them conferring an award. The prestigious Academic Decoration is still more significant as it will be presented in the presence of renowned representatives of the Italian political, economic, entrepreneurial, cultural and religious communities.

The Extraordinary Academic Convocation of AEREC was held in the beautiful hall of Brancaccio Palace on May 27th 2002 during which some persons of Italian origin but resident in the United States who distinguished themselves particularly in their profession joined the Academy.

The solemn ceremony started officially with the Academic Hymn – Gaudiamus igitur – followed by the Italian, European and, of course, American anthem. Later on, the Master of Ceremonies presented the distinguished members of the Academic Senate: Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, President of the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations; Dr. Carmen Seidel, President of Missione Futuro Onlus; Mgr. Vittorino Canciani, Vatican Canon; Prof. Francesco Parrillo, Professor Emeritus at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, President of the Institute of Banking Studies and President of the Institute of the Encyclopaedia of Banking and Stock Exchange; Dr. Giancarlo Signore, President of the Universitas Aromatariurum and of the “Nobile Collegio degli Speziali”; Senator Bruno Magliocchetti, ex-senator of the Italian Republic and expert in territorial marketing; Dr. Roberto Tassinari, journalist, entrepreneur and President of the Italian-Sudan friendship association; H.E. Princess Eva Egbe Chrystofa, President of Windows International Council.

The nominations took place according to the ceremonial which includes the reading of a short citation, the conferring of the Diploma and the bestowal of the Academic Collar and the decorations.

The American Neoacademicians were: Amato L. Berardi, President of Berardi & Associates Inc., President of NIA-PAC and member of the Italian American Foundation; Stefen T. Florio, President and CEO of Condé Nast Publications; Emilia Nuccio, President of Girasole International Inc. – Leader in marketing quality programming to broadcasters; Dr. Paula Greiger-Zanlungo, Clinical Professor and Founder and Director of an AIDS Clinic; Dr. Anthony Abruzzese, renowned lecturer and University consultant in the USA and abroad; Dr. Linda Mazzella, entrepreneur.
The Italian Neoacademicians were: Dr. Mario Andreoli, CEO of Modal Service, a shipping service company committed with multinational companies; Dr. Maurizio Chizzoli, renowned builder; Dr. Annamaria Mandara, stylist; Prof. Carlo Matarazzo, student of philosophy, lecturer; Dr. Riccardo Montingelli, CEO of Molfetta Multiservizi SpA, a waste managing company; Dr. Geris Musetti, CEO of Bic Toscana, consulting management sponsored by the Treasury Department; Dr. Sebastiano Quaglia, artist; Dr. Fiorenzo Stefani, industrial constructor.

After this official part of the ceremony, the President Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri called upon the Vatican Canon Mgr. Vittorino Canciani to speak: he made some reflections on the tragedy of September 11th and the consequent rediscovery of the spirituality. Furthermore, he congratulated the Neoacademicians, emphasizing his pleasure to leave for some hours Vatican City where he resides as he personally appreciates the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations the activities of which he has followed for many years.

The considerations expressed by the eminent economist Prof. Parrillo were more technical. He, too, expressed the solidarity of the Italian people with the United States in a tragedy that stroke the whole civil world.
A gala dinner concluded the event accompanied by the beautiful voice of the Academician Anna Vinci, a singer who always participates with great enthusiasm in all the activities of AEREC.

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