Academic Convocations

New York – Philadelphia – Washington

October 21-26, 2002

Following the ceremony on May 27th in Rome, during which some distinguished representatives of the Italian community in the United States were awarded with the Academic Decoration, the European Academy for Economic and Cultural Relations promoted a journey in the United States in order to testify directly the solidarity of AEREC and its members with the victims of the tragedy of last September 11th. The delegation was made up of the President Dr. Ernesto Carpintieri, the President of Missione Futuro Onlus Dr. Carmen Seidel, the Academics Senator Bruno Magliocchetti, Dr. Francesco Grimi, Dr. Marcello Cerri and Dr. Catello Marra.
Un ricordo delle Torri Gemelle
They arrived in New York on October 21st and after having visited the most important sites of the City they paid their respects to the victims of New York at Ground Zero.

In the afternoon of October 22nd they moved to the prestigious “National Arts Club”, venue of the Academic Convocation, which is one of the most exclusive private clubs of the city and in which the attendance of the most important entrepreneurs of New York is characterized by the cult of art and culture (it contains a very prestigious and valuable collection of works of art). In this place, AEREC organized an Extraordinary Academic Convocation in order to award some Un gruppo di Accademici a New YorkItalian Americans who particularly distinguished themselves in their profession with the Academic title.
The Neoacademicians who joined the Academy were: Dr. Angelo Campanile, one of the most important builders in New York; Prof. Anthony Di Sanzo, an eminent University Professor; Annibale Todesca, owner of one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the United States and patronized, among others, by the President George Bush and the Vice President Dan Quayle; and last but not least the American Robert MacFarlane, one of the most important entrepreneurs and constructors in the United States. Two Academicians Dr. Emilia Nuccio and Dr. Catello Marra, received the award “Italiani Operosi nel Mondo” (Italians active in the world) sponsored by the National Body for the development of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft.

The program of the International Academic Convocation of AEREC continued with the transfer to La Dott.ssa Emilia Nuccio riceve il premio "Italiani Operosi nel Mondo"Philadelphia where the Academy was officially invited to participate in the convention of the National Italian-American Political Action Committee (NIA-PAC) presided over by Dr. Amato L. Berardi, President of AEREC’S District of Pennsylvania. Very distinguished persons, such as the Italian Consul in Philadelphia, some senators of the Senate of the United States, Dr. Carlo Romano, representative of the Campania Region, Dr. Costantino Lauria, President of the “Antimoneylaundering Committee” of the Ministry of Economics and Finance; the President of the Banca Popolare di Spoleto Dr. Giovanni Antonini and a representative of ANCE (National Association of Builders) Dr. Luciano Cesarini were present. During this Convention the activities of AEREC in Italy and in the United States were presented and Dr. Joseph Tarantino, member of the Presidency of NIA-PAC and Dr. Antonio Giorideno joined the organization.

On October 25th, the Italian delegation moved to Washington D.C. in order to take part in the most important event which annually involves the Italian American Community, the NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) Convention in the presence of the President of the Italian Senate Prof. Marcello Pera.

The official participation of the AEREC delegation in the NIAF Convention was the last appointment of a very positive journey during which the Academy presented, beyond the seas, its activities of economic and cultural exchange between the two countries as well as its humanitarian projects that met deep interest.

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