Academic Convocations

New York

June 4th, 2002

New York, Italian Cultural Institute, 5th June 2003: the group of the NeoacademiciansEight months after the last Academic Convocation in the United States, the Academy came back to New York in order to testify the close tie with the Italian American community inaugurated during the ceremony in Rome on 27th May 2002.
On 4th June, the President Ernesto Carpintieri accompanied by the Vice President Carmen Seidel and the member of the Board of Governors Roma Maciejewicz arrived in New York with a full agenda of important appointments.
On the following day, they paid a visit to the Consul General of Italy to New York H.E. Giorgio Radicati who would have shortly assumed the position of Ambassador of Italy to Prague. The Consul General showed high appreciation for the work carried out by the Academy especially in the field of aggregation and as an emerging reference point for the Italian community that lives and works in the United States but that wants to keep a close tie with the country of origin. He also congratulated the leaders of AEREC on the far-sightedness as to the European idea introduced much time before the European Union would have been formalized. He accepted with enthusiasm to join the Academic Senate during the Academic Convocation which would have taken place in the same afternoon at the Italian Cultural Institute.
Later, AEREC’s delegation met Dr. Antonio Cosenza, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York and host of the ceremony. He illustrated the many activities of the Institute in a city where the Italian culture is highly appreciated and studied by persons coming from all over the world. The vast library is particularly well organized. He told us that he shortly would have taken up an important position in Vancouver and that Claudio Angelini, correspondent of Rai’s TG1 in New York, has been appointed the new Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in New York.

During the Extraordinary Convocation in the afternoon of 5th June, seven distinguished representatives of the Italian American entrepreneurial, scientific and cultural societies joined the Academy and three new personages entered into the Academic Senate (the Consul General Giorgio Radicati, the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Antonio Cosenza and the Director of the Italian Trade Commission, Roberto Luongo). The Italian American Neoacademicians were: Angela Buonocore, Vice President, Corporate Communications of The Pepsi Bottling Group; Antonio Di Rocco, Associate Professor of Neurology; Edwin Fondo, Clinical Scientist; Yvonne Lodico, Attorney at law; Marc Sirangelo, Senior Vice President of Natexis Bleichroeder; Laurence Tancredi, Forensic Psychiatrist; John Vassallo, Attorney at law.

Perfectly assisted by the interpreter Maria Galetta, the President Carpintieri reassumed in his address the programmatic postulates of the Academy stressing the important humanitarian projects the Academy is committed to in the Third World.
The Consul General Giorgio Radicati expressed his satisfaction on the extremely high level of the candidates who perfectly represent the spirit of Italian descendants that were able to take the great opportunities offered by the United States achieving very important entrepreneurial and professional goals. He also mentioned proudly the long and profitable work carried out by Italy in the United States. Finally he congratulated the Academy on the important humanitarNew York, National Arts Club, 22d October 2002: Emilia Nuccio, who received the award “Italiani Operosi nel Mondo” with Robert MacFarlane, Neoacademician.ian commitment and handed over a commemorative medal he personally made strike on the occasion of the millennium.

The Director of the Italian Cultural Institute Antonio Cosenza expressed his pleasure to host such an important and edifying convention which honours Italy and its vocation for industry and generosity. He affirmed that the cultural exchange between the two countries is very important and he stressed that the Italian culture is very appreciated and has already gained ground in the United States.
The director of the Italian Trade Commission Roberto Luongo confirmed the importance of the Italian product on the American market and stressed that its consumption is rising more and more. However, he asserted that it is yet possible to encourage more Italian entrepreneurs to start export through an intense information campaign concerning the regulations of the local market. He added that he has engaged himself in this sense in order to grant the Italian entrepreneurs complete assistance.
At the end of this touching convention, three special women received the award “Donna di Successo” (successful woman): Emilia Nuccio, Paola Greiger-Zanlungo, both Academicians, and Marta Lotti, Director of Press and Public Relations for North America at Alitalia Airlines.

After a cocktail generously offered by the host Antonio Cosenza, the members of the Academic Senate and the Neoacademicians with their guests concluded the evening with a dinner at the restaurant Vivolo, one of the most prestigious and refined restaurants of New York run by Mr. Vivolo who with passion and professionality created the atmosphere and the quality of one of the best Italian restaurants.
The day after, Friday 6th June, the President Carpintieri and the Vice President Carmen Seidel were officially received by the Ambassador of Italy to the United Nations H.E. Marcello Spatafora at the United Nations Plaza. On account of previously fixed appointments, he was not able to attend the Academic Convocation the day before but he expressed his honour and pleasure to become part of the Academic Senate. He commended and expressed admiration for the activity of AEREC and he offered his cooperation and assistance in the accreditation of the Academy at the United Nations through the vast network of his diplomatic contacts.
The last day, Mr. Carpintieri met once again Roberto Luongo in order to discuss the details of a concrete cooperation between the Italian Trade Commission in New York and AEREC’s Committee for International Affairs in order to intensify the promotion and development of the marketing of the Italian product in the United States.

AEREC will be once again in the United States at the end of October with a series of important activities which include the participation in the annual NIAF convention in Washington.

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