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Scenario of the global competition

Brescia, Circolo "Al Teatro" - Palazzo Salvadego

Turin, Milan, Ancona - as well as New York, Washington, Philadelphia and now Brescia. Since its establishment, AEREC wanted and knew how to escape the confines of Rome - where it has its headquarters and its registered office, to approach a closer look at the various economic and cultural Italian and international reality, increasing at the same time its ability to gather and to invite its members to reflect on the opportunities for cooperation and on the values of solidarity.

In Brescia, where thanks to the activism of the President of the District, Dr. Francesco Naviglio and of the Vice President Flaminio Valseriati, a beautiful Extraordinary Academic Meeting took place at the Circolo "Al Teatro" in the prestigious Palazzo Salvadego. President Naviglio did the honors and greeted the audience - represented largely by entrepreneurs and professionals of Brescia, one of the strategic areas of the Italian economic panorama - with a brief speech that we shall publish separately. His speech was rightly praised by the President of AEREC, Ernesto Carpintieri, responding to the initiative accompanied by the President of Missione Futuro Onlus, Carmen Seidel, who showed a truly effective and proactive commitment that will certainly herald major developments.

The strategic role of Lombardy in the national economy was also underlined by the President of the region, Roberto Formigoni, in a long letter sent to President Carpintieri in which he states, inter alia, that "the Lombardy model is an integrated system with outstanding characteristics of freedom, subsidiarity, creativity and initiative from the social, institutional and economic point of view. It is a model that has proved successful and rich in added value from the point of view of solidarity, a proposal for social cohesion and supportive capitalism that many countries are asking us to transplant to them. Lombardy has therefore long assumed an essential development role, capable of establishing important collaborations between local systems because of its deep knowledge of economic vocations and competitive advantages of its territory. “

The initiative of Brescia was an opportunity not only to present AEREC to the political and business community of the city, but also to show directly one of the specific purposes of the Academy, that of promoting cooperation by means of meetings, conferences and workshops. To this end, it followed prof. Carlo Pelanda’s the speech, who has drawn a very interesting report on the theme of the "scenario of the global competition: consequences and future prospects for Italian businesses" and the Deputy Ambassador of India to Italy, Minister Gurjit Singh, on the business opportunities in India and the Indo-Italian relations. AEREC pays a special attention to the cooperation between Italy and the India, having already promoted a major conference in July last year in which Minister Singh had taken part, as well as S.E. Himachal Som.

He wished to remind everyone that since then the relations between our countries have considerably intensified, thanks to the state visit to India undertaken by President Ciampi during the time frame 12 - 16 February last year - accompanied by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, of Education, of Industry and of Culture - during which more than 300 Italian businessmen, including 40 Managing Directors of major companies, have visited India and took part in more than 800 meetings. Minister Singh pointed out that during the Italian mission in India organized by Confindustria, by the Institute of Foreign Trade and by ABI, important agreements were signed, such as a strengthening of relations between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, a new program of scientific and technological exchanges and a new agreement for cooperation in the field of science and technology, in particular for research; an agreement on the restoration of Cave 17 of Ajanta, an archaeological site of worldwide importance, an agreement of cooperation in the maritime productive sectors, six cooperation agreements in specialized areas of research between Italian and Indian institutions.
These agreements should intensify the relations between India and Italy in a lot of areas. “ "India," said Minister Singh in his speech "offers a market of about 250 million people within the middle class, with a per capita income of about 2800 dollars. It is not only a country that exports to Italy but also a country that consumes largely Italian goods and services. It could be seen as an economic partner and can help to increase productivity and competitiveness in Italian companies for accessing effectively to their present markets. It can also be seen as an economic partner whose markets offer great opportunities. The world today offers space so that India and Italy could cooperate more deeply.” And he concluded by quoting the words that President Ciampi uttered in his country, when he said that: “it is time there should be more Italy in India and more India in Italy. We must remember that doing business with India is not only an opportunity but it is becoming a necessity as well. “ These concepts are perfectly in line with what AEREC, through its International Business Commission, has been supporting for some time, hoping at the same time that a truly united spirit should also correspond to an economic growth and cooperation, supported by strong and shared values.

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